NIAW 2018


2018 NIAW theme

Its National Infertility Awareness Week!!

I’ve had this blog for four years, and I love that in April I can celebrate my “blogaversary”, and amplify my voice as a part of NIAW with advocates across the country.

The theme this year: Flip the Script

flip the script:
phrase of script
  1. NORTH AMERICAN informal
    reverse the usual or existing positions in a situation; do something unexpected or revolutionary.
    “Campbell flips the script on the old beauty-and-the-beast formula”


To do the unexpected. To deviate from the norm


We’re going to ‘deviate from the norm’ this week (and every day) and change the conversion around infertility.


Most people have no idea what it means to suffer through infertility; the cost, the stress, the anguish, they physical and emotional toll it can have. And because of that, so many people hide, because lets be honest, it can be exhausting to explain all of this to other people.

But how will they learn if no one shares?

How can you encourage a sister when you keep your testimony to youreself?


There are lots of things happening on line and in locations across the country to spread awareness this week, check them out if you can! You can see a calendar of event here


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