About The Author

Jai* is a former dancer, teacher, and current non-profit professional who is a proud infertility warrior and founder of the Maybe Mama Blog.

After a 2013 uterine fibroid diagnosis and a search for more information about fibroids, she was disappointed and discouraged to find there were not many sources of information or resources regarding uterine fibroids. Following her June 2013 myomectomy, she learned that the damage done by the fibroids caused other problems, resulting in infertility. Again, Jai searched for resources and community. This time she found more information and supportive communities of women on line, yet no one talked about infertility in real life. She noticed this was especially true for Black women.

At that time she resolved to create a blog to share her experiences and educate others about gynecological health, infertility, and share some of her fun and crazy life experiences along the way.

Born and raised in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, she transferred colleges in 1999, and made the Washington DC Area (DMV) her second home for over 15 years. Navigating inflated apartment rents, and learning to appreciate GoGo, 66 and Beltway traffic, and mambo sauce with her wings.

After her marriage, she relocated to the Philadelphia area where she currently resides with her husband (and cat). She enjoys reading, crafting, music, movies, having fun…and loves Prince.

Jai holds a BFA and MA in creative and non-profit fields, and is a proud member of Zeta Phi Beta Sorority, Incorporated.

*Jai currently blogs under a pseudonym out of respect for her husband, who is (not yet) as open to publicly sharing their story.

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