We’re Starting to Talk About It…


If you follow this blog or have even come by once to check it out, you know that one of my main objectives here is to get the Black community talking about infertility. Too often we as Black people feel the need to suffer (whatever it is)  in silence,  or deny that “we” have a problem, which in some cases is literally killing us. (That is a whole post by its self!)

Blackdoctor.org has a great post about Infertility in the Black community.

Not only do Black women suffer infertility like any other group, according to this piece, our rates of infertility have increased over that last few years. Yet we don’t want to talk about it because we don’t want to be judged? While you’re worried about someone judging you, the woman/ couple next to you is probably going through the same thing. Imagine if you lifted each other up instead of going through it alone?

Its hard to talk about, I know, and not everyone has the right to be up in your business, but don’t suffer in silence. There are women just like you out there. You are not alone.



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